Welcome to The Kinship Project

The Kinship Project, a private web based virtual community, was birthed 9 years ago, inspired by the opportunity to create a website for awakening, transformation and revelations of Self through group participation.

Our Vision - An empowered relationship exists in a place where, through the many, Self is present.

Our mission - Provide a nurturing community resource, within a safe space, for those who feel the call to augment their consciousness with exploration through the heart community.

We have two forms of membership. General Membership is free and has moderate access to some of our Forums and Topics. Premium Members have access to all our Topics and Forums, there are no annual agreements and membership is $7.00 per month.

We recommend the following after you complete your registration;

Please visit and familiarize yourself with our "Community Bulletin Board" For your convenience check out "Frequently Asked Questions" (See Forums tab in Menu Bar)

Membership is by personal invitation. Only current members can invite another to the site. The site is password protected, requires verification of email and has a required CAPTCHA test for added security. Referring members have to be acknowledged. To view a sample invitation go to Forums on the menu bar > Community Bulletin Board > Invitation Sample New Member. 

We have no third party advertising.

We invite Everyone to participate, to engage, to step into the arena and be imbued. Magic is possible when each member contributes, this is a form of selfless service. 

Aloha, Namaste, Aho,

Michael Goodman
Founder & Administrator

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